Markus Prackwieser
The wine-grower

The wine-grower

The Prackwieser family has owned the Gump Hof for more than 200 years. The building itself, however, goes as far back as 1546. Markus discovered his passion for wine in the mid-90s and took over the family heirloom from his father in the year 2000.

The Gump Hof stands out for its open and experimental approach to wine and is also characterised by the exchange of best practice among other wine-grower friends, without forgetting specialist trips to the wine-growing regions par excellence: the Wachau valley, the Burgundy region, and the Loire valley (which also included a poignant visit to the cemetery where the unforgettable Didier Daguenau rests).

The wine reflects the character of the terroir as well as that of the wine-growers thanks to the knowledge passed down from one generation to the next, personal experience, time, patience, and the constant endeavour of improving one’s taste.

The vineyard

The vineyard

The vineyards of the Gump Hof face the southwest and feature a 50 – 70% steep incline. They stretch between 400 to 800 metres above sea level and are characterised by fluvial gravel and for their sunny position. The lime-rich moraine terrain rests on solid Bozen quartz porphyry and offers the ideal conditions for the varieties grown here.

The peculiarity of this special location are the ever-changing winds which blow over the area. During the day, the Ora, a typically Mediterranean wind, blows in from Lake Garda, while at night the fall winds from the Dolomites cool the grapevines, lending that special fresh note to the complex wines. No surprise then that wine-growing is experiencing an impressive renaissance on the steep hills of the southern wall of the Eisacktal valley at the foot of the Schlern Massif.

The farm

The farm

The Gump Hof is located on the northern-southern route cutting across the Alps, hailing back to the Middle Ages, and its history can be traced back to the story of Castle Prösels. Frescoes in the inner courtyard recount the story of a group of knights, princes and royalty crossing the mountains and the gorge of the Eisacktal valley on the back of horses and came to the castle.

Even Minnesingers like Oswald von Wolkenstein told their stories in the castle and sang about women, the wine in the castle, and the birds, an allegorical image for the beautiful arts, lightness and freshness. The farm is still characterised by those values thanks to its respectful approach to its surroundings and by growing typical grape varieties using traditional growing methods as well as giving it all their best to maintain and care for these traditions.

The wine cellar, carved out of the original rock wall of the cliff, is not only a prime example of integration into the natural landscape but also offers the best possible conditions to expand the wine production.

The wines
  • Weissburgunder
  • Sauvignon Blanc
  • Gewürztraminer
  • Pinot Noir
  • Vernatsch
  • Passito

Where cool winds from the Dolomites
encounter Mediterranean influences,
Markus Prackwieser creates wines with savor and elegance.

Weissburgunder Mediaevum

an ideal wine for an everyday tipple with decent peach notes: pure bliss in a glass.

Technical sheet – Weissburgunder Mediaevum 2022

Sauvignon Blanc Mediaevum

a fresh, densely knit white wine with vibrant acidity that creates a lot of tension on the palate.

Technical sheet – Sauvignon Blanc Mediaevum 2022

Vernatsch Mediaevum

a good red wine and ideal accompaniment to light dishes will win you over with its bitter cherry aromas.

Technical sheet – Vernatsch Mediaevum 2022

Praesulis Weissburgunder

a refined and complex wine which reveals its complexity only open breathing for some time in the large Burgunder glass, a perfect accompaniment to your meals.

Technical sheet – Praesulis Weissburgunder 2022

Praesulis Sauvignon Blanc

fine and juicy fruit aromas with an independent bittersweet citrus note; long-lasting aftertaste.

Technical sheet – Praesulis Sauvignon Blanc 2022

Praesulis Gewürztraminer

wonderful range of aromas from typical rose petal to litchi notes; a dry wine.

Technical sheet – Praesulis Gewürztraminer 2022

Praesulis Pinot Noir

the youngest element of our wine family, always a new challenge, a striking element for its refined aromas and mountain herbs notes highlighted thanks to the fall winds blowing in the region.

Technical sheet – Praesulis Pinot Noir 2021

Renaissance Weissburgunder Riserva

created for the first time in 2012 based on the concept of a Riserva, to be produced only in specific years, and made after being stored for a considerable amount of time in a cask. Great potential.

Technical sheet – Renaissance Weissburgunder Riserva 2019

Renaissance Sauvignon Blanc Riserva

A finesse-rich Sauvignon that is bottled only in the best vintages and elegantly expresses the aromatic complexity of the variety without being loud; as well as its creator. 

Technical sheet – Renaissance Sauvignon Blanc Riserva 2020



Renaissance Pinot Noir Riserva

A wine that reflects the interaction of soil, microclimate and winegrower and may convince only in special vintages after a long ageing in barrique with a very own, distinctive personality

 Technical sheet - Renaissance Pinot Noir Riserva 2019




a complex, earthy, sweet composition obtained by using all the white wine varieties of the Gump Hof. The cleverly devised balance and great harmony of this long-lasting wine can be traced back to the refined acid structure influenced by the location’s altitude and cool temperature.

Technical sheet – Tandaradei

Markus Prackwieser
Gump Hof

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Opening hours:
Since we are a family-run winery, our full commitment in the vineyards and in the cellar is often required. Therefore, we kindly ask you to announce your visit in advance by telephone or via e-mail allowing us to make sure that we can dedicate you enough time and attention.