The farm

The Gump Hof is located on the northern-southern route cutting across the Alps, hailing back to the Middle Ages, and its history can be traced back to the story of Castle Prösels. Frescoes in the inner courtyard recount the story of a group of knights, princes and royalty crossing the mountains and the gorge of the Eisacktal valley on the back of horses and came to the castle.

Even Minnesingers like Oswald von Wolkenstein told their stories in the castle and sang about women, the wine in the castle, and the birds, an allegorical image for the beautiful arts, lightness and freshness. The farm is still characterised by those values thanks to its respectful approach to its surroundings and by growing typical grape varieties using traditional growing methods as well as giving it all their best to maintain and care for these traditions.

The wine cellar, carved out of the original rock wall of the cliff, is not only a prime example of integration into the natural landscape but also offers the best possible conditions to expand the wine production.